HTS558 Car Engine Carbon Deposition Cleaner

What is carbon deposition?

There are some hydrocarbon olefin residues attach on engine intake,cylinder when fuel burn in engine not completely.

These residues change into hard black shell in high temperature condition , that called carbon deposition.

Why need clean carbon deposition?

Carbon deposition will decrease air-fuel ratio, cut down engine output power, increase fuel consumption, engine drastic shake on idle status...

all the thing will hurt engine deeply.

So normally we should clean carbon deposition after every 40000-50000 kilometer trip

What is walnut powder(sand)?

Crash walnut shell into powder, after a vigorous selection process then we get walnut sand.

It show high performance in the three area: hardness, anti-pressure, wear-resisting.

A large amount of  pores on surface of  walnut sand which provide super adsorption capacity, non-toxic and corrosion preventive.

It was hardly dissolved in acid, alkali and water.

Walnut sand is a pure natural polish material, its hardness was lower than metal but higher than carbon deposition,

it will clean intake pipe and back side of intake valve thoroughly but no damag