EM325 3 in 1 Car Jump Starter with Charging & Jump Start & Welding Function

EM 325 (Charging, Starting, Welding)

Charging Feature 1) Compared with ordinary charger, the charger is smaller, lighter and the power is higher; 2) Charging time and power are twice as fast as traditional machines, and it is the most advanced electronic charger in China; 3) The charging current can be adjusted within the range of 6-60A and is not affected by changes in the input AC voltage; 4) The machine adopts smart temperature control, fan cooling and automatic shutdown protection in over-heat.

Starting Feature 1) It is mainly used to solve the breakdowns after the failure of starting a car, due to loss of power, aging and ultra-low temperature environment; 2) The design of the car jump start power supply is safe; 3) Convenient, reliable, no need to charge, ultra-low temperature start. 4) Long service life and maintenance-free, to solve the problem that the car engine can 5) O.C. means the over-current protection indicator.not start normally.

Welding Feature 1) Efficient, energy-saving and light, with good dynamics; 2) Easy to do ARC welding: small splash, stable current and good forming; 3) Suitable for all kinds of acid and alkaline welding rods; 4) Wide range of uses: auto repair industry, aerial work, field operations, indoor and outdoor decoration.