New Product Release | AUTOOL SC301 Automotive Cooling System Tester & Filler

December 18, 2023
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December 18, 2023 ATS

The AUTOOL SC301 is an innovative tool designed for automotive cooling systems, skillfully combining leak detection and coolant refilling capabilities. It operates on a dual mechanism of vacuum extraction and pressure holding to identify leaks and execute coolant filling efficiently. The entire machine features high automation, convenient operation by a single person, time-saving, and labor-saving advantages. It can effectively help users understand the status of the automotive cooling system and provide corresponding maintenance solutions.

Key Features and Advantages

【High Automation】

The device offers a high level of automation, allowing users to easily activate the automated Tester and Filler process by following the steps for the respective modes. This streamlined automation not only helps in promptly identifying issues in the automotive cooling system but also provides users with essential information for repairs. This efficient process significantly reduces the time and effort required compared to manual operations.

【Tester Mode】

The Tester Mode establishes a negative pressure environment using vacuum extraction and pressure testing functions. It allows users to observe and determine whether there are any leakage issues in the cooling system. This enables users to quickly take appropriate maintenance measures, ensuring the normal operation of the cooling system.

【Leak Indicators】

The device is equipped with two LED indicator lights: a solid red light indicates a radiator leak, while a solid green light indicates no leaks. The Leak Indicators help users promptly identify any issues in the cooling system, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the leak detection process.

【Filler Mode】

Following the completion of the Tester Mode, you can switch to the Filler Mode. During this mode, users simply choose the desired vacuum level. Once the vacuum process concludes, the system skips additional leak testing and smoothly moves on to automatically refill the coolant. Users should ensure a secure connection between the refilling connector and the car's cooling system piping before initiating the process. Upon the completion of the refilling, the device emits a signal sound, indicating the end of the entire procedure.

【Three Pressure Settings】

Available in three pressure levels: -35KPa, -40KPa, and -45KPa, allowing users to select the appropriate setting based on vehicle type and usage history for effective vacuuming.

【Compact and Portable Design】

The unit is lightweight and small, featuring a portable design for easy storage and transport.

【User-Friendly Operation】

Simple and easy-to-follow steps make it user-friendly. Equipped with intuitive beep alerts and a control panel, the device allows for easy single-person operation for both leak testing and coolant filling.

【Wide Compatibility】

The device comes with a diverse range of adapters in three different sizes, ensuring compatibility with most common vehicle cooling systems and offering a precise and safe operation experience.

The AUTOOL SC301 Automotive Cooling System Tester & Filler is designed to detect and fix leaks while seamlessly refilling coolant. This professional-grade equipment boasts high automation, leak indication, and user-friendly features. With its sleek design and portable build, it doesn't just offer efficient and precise automotive cooling system maintenance; it brings a wave of technological innovation and progress to the automotive repair industry, setting a new standard for excellence.

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