Our products are made of long-lasting and durable materials, and we insist on a perfect production process. Each product leaves the factory after 35 procedures and 12 times of testing and inspection work, which ensures that each product has excellent quality and performance. It is worthwhile for you to maintain your AUTOOL products regularly for long and stable operations.

To maintain the performance and appearance of the product, it is recommended that the following product care guidelines be read carefully.

- Be careful not to rub the product against rough surfaces or wear the product, especially the sheet metal housing.

- Please regularly check the product parts that need to be tightened and connected. If found loose, please tighten it in time to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The external and internal parts of the equipment in contact with various chemical media should be frequently treated with anti-corrosion treatment such as rust removal and painting to improve the corrosion resistance of the equipment and extend its service life.

- Comply with the safe operating procedures and do not overload the equipment. The safety guards of the products are complete and reliable. Unsafe factors are to be eliminated in time. The circuit part should be checked thoroughly and the aging wires should be replaced in time.

- Regularly clean and replace consumable parts such as oil pump and oil filter; adjust the clearance of various parts and replace worn (broken) parts.

-  Avoid contact with corrosive liquids.

-  When not in use, please store the product in a dry place. Do not store the product in hot, humid, or non-ventilated places.

From the date of receipt, we provide a 3-YEAR WARRANTY for the main unit and all the accessories included are covered by a 1-year warranty.

Warranty Access

  1. The repair or replacement of products is determined by the actual breakdown situation of product.
  2. It is guaranteed that AUTOOL will use brand new component, accessory or device in terms of repair or replacement.
  3. If the product fails within 90 days after the customer receives it, the buyer should provide both video and picture, and we will bear the shipping cost and provide the accessories for the customer to replace it free of charge. While the product is received for more than 90 days, the customer will bear the appropriate cost and we will provide the parts to the customer for replacement free of charge.

These conditions below shall not be in warranty range:

  1. The product is not purchased through official or authorized channels.
  2. The product breakdown because the user does not follow product instructions to use or maintain the product.

We AUTOOL pride ourselves on superb design and excellent service. It would be our pleasure to provide you with any further support or services.