Fueling Passion, Speed Unleashed: AUTOOL Sponsors the European Histo Cup Red Bull Ring Series!

August 23, 2023
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August 23, 2023 ATS

Histo Cup was founded in 1997.

It is one of the largest racing series in Europe.

The event aims to preserve the charm of racing

and showcase the beauty of speed

It provides opportunities for fans to watch and participate in races.

It creates a series of unparalleled visual feasts and writes more glorious chapters for European motorsports.

2023 Histo Cup Red Bull Ring series is particularly eye-catching.

The scene is full of cool racing scenes and superb racing skills.

It is worth mentioning that

AUTOOL is one of the sponsors of this event

and had the privilege of being present at the event where the sound of engines, sweat, and passion were intertwined.

With a heart full of love for cars, AUTOOL paid tribute to this grand celebration.

Together with a group of car and racing enthusiasts, FANS witnessed

the team representing AUTOOL’s love for cars

achieve extraordinary results on the track exploring speed and limits.

AUTOOL wishes them great success in the Histo Cup finals in October

and looks forward to meeting them again on the hormone-filled racetrack.

AUTOOL sincerely congratulates

the successful completion of the 2023 Histo Cup Red Bull Ring series

AUTOOL’s pursuit of professionalism, efficiency, and innovative spirit coincides with the atmosphere created by the Histo Cup event.

Continuously surpassing oneself

Continuously pursuing excellence

AUTOOL will continue to be a positive supporter and promoter of car culture,

embracing the charm of cars,

and jointly promoting the continuous development of the automobile industry.